World Yoga Day Event- 23rd of Feb

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PowerPoint PresentationWorld Yoga Day 2014 flier A5 What an amazing day! There were four of us teaching a two hour yoga session at Hamilton House and about 40 people turned up raising around £400! All the proceeds went towards supporting Syrian refugees.

I led a yoga nidra at the end of the session. Yoga nidra is a fantastic practise. It is called the science of yogic sleep and is about systematically taking the body through a process of deep relaxation through breath, visualisation and a rotation of consciousness around different body parts whilst the person or mind remains awake and aware albeit in a very dreamy state. It is a way of accessing the unconscious or subconscious mind and also achieving deep states of relaxation. One makes a ‘sankalpa’ or resolve at the start of the practise. This may be a habit one is trying to break or a quality one is trying to cultivate. One then repeats it at the end of the practise. It is a powerful way of accessing the deep recesses of the mind. I hope to upload a yoga nidra soon for you to experience from the comfort of your own home. Hari Om Tat Sat !

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