What is Shiatsu?

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Where does Shiatsu come from?

Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” and is a form of Japanese bodywork that accesses the system of meridians or energy lines that run through the body to restore the flow of Ki or life force and to support a process of healing.

shiatsu Bristol

A shiatsu session takes place fully clothed on a futon on the floor and may involve a variety of techniques such as deep pressure, stretches, joint mobilizations, acupressure and holding in order to ‘meet’ you and access your energetic system.

What can Shiatsu help with?

Shiatsu can be a deeply relaxing experience and can also provide relief from a variety of symptoms including heachaches, PMT, digestive disorders, depression, asthma, lower backache, frozen shoulder and chronic fatigue.

shiatsu BristolI aim to hold a safe and supportive space during a session for a joint exploration of whatever physical, mental or emotional difficulties you may be experiencing. Sometimes a longer session is preferable to allow for this.

Shiatsu and the Five Elements

Shiatsu is based on the intricate system of energy lines or meridians discovered by Chinese Medicine. This system sees the human being as a microcosm or reflection of the natural elements that exist in the phenomenal world around us.shiatsu Bristol

This includes the five elements of Water, Air, Fire, Metal, and Earth.  Each of these elements are related to particular seasons, colors, qualities and emotions  and relate to different organs in the body. Through skilful and positive touch I work intuitively and non-judgementally to ‘meet’ you wherever you are.  This may involve bringing energy and awareness to those areas or meridians that are ‘kyo’ or empty and to disperse energy from those areas that are ‘jitsu’ or full. The form of a shiatsu may vary greatly from session to session.


What do I offer

As well as encouraging you to relax deeply and access your innate capacity for healing I also seek to empower you to take control of your life and your own wellbeing. I will share my knowledge of healing through breathing techniques, nutrition, meditation etc..

Healing for me is the movement back to wholeness or integration of what seem like fragmented parts of our Being.  It involves acknowledging the hidden and perhaps more ‘uncomfortable’ aspects of ourselves and welcoming them as part of our authentic self.
Each experience of Shiatsu is unique

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