I have suffered with IBS for years and after finding prescribed medication and diet change was not working I looked into alternative therapies. I had 5 sessions of shiatsu and have found it to have had an enourmous effect on my symptoms. It has made me understand the connection between my emotions, largely stress and worry, and the issues with my stomach.Shiatsu with Lioba gave me the tools to learn to relax and to break the connection between negative emotions and my physical well being. It was the first time I had ever had shiatsu and knew very little about it but I would most definately have treatments again. After the treatments having such a profound effect on my symptoms – Cath, Support Worker (Bristol)

Lioba has an amazing gift for body work. I always leave the room feeling lighter, unburdened and with energy flowing again. She creates a wonderfully warm and safe space to open up. As an asthmatic she has helped me become more in tune with the areas of my body which can become tense and cause my asthma to worsen. I wholeheartedly recommend Lioba“. (Heg, singer-songwriter, Bristol)


My first Shiatsu massage was blissfully relaxing. I left feeling affected in a deep way, very different to how I feel when I normally receive a massage. I’m certain to return.” Richie, Engineer (Melbourne)


Lioba’s Shiatsu sessions are thorough, personal and friendly and she combines great knowledge with intelligent hands. There is always plenty of good advice, reassurance and never any pressure to come back. I feel qualified to thoroughly recommend her treatments“- Rupert, Sports Massage Therapist (Bristol)


Simply an amazing and deep experience at such lovely surroundings here at Buddhafields. Thank you for your love, caring hands and wonderful energy “- Bjoern


Dear Lioba, thank you so very much for giving me your time today when you gave me a Shiatsu massage. The English words don’t really suffice, but it was with a great sense of joy and privilege that I enjoyed receiving your energy and warmth..very life-affirming. Thanks again.“- Ian


Lioba’s Shiatsu treatment is deeply nourishing, she has a fine tuned sense of meridian systems bringing in a tangible and effective treatment. Her honest and nurturing approach to life shines in her therapy work. Highly recommend her treats! I’m keen to try one of her yoga classes now too. Since my Shiatsu I feel clarity, inspired, and have a more focused mind. Thanks Lioba!“- Gayle, massage therapist and yoga teacher.


Thank you to you. When I close my eyes, I can see, hear and fell the atmosphere and your touch and presence in the tent at Sunrise festival, when I received Shiatsu from you. It was a special and strong moment. Very motivating, so here I am, on my way to starting my one year course at the the Bristol School of Shiatsu!“- Pavel Dvorak (Wales)


Amazing! You have golden hands, this is what we say in my country when someone is very good at what they do!” – Edgars Semenovs (Bristol)



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