Pregnancy Shiatsu


Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Post-Natal Recovery.


Shiatsu is wonderfully supportive for a woman journeying through the different stages of pregnancy.

It can be applied safely and effectively to support a woman to feel at ease physically, mentally and emotionally.

Shiatsu can provide relief from nausea, lower backache, shoulder tension, difficulties in breathing, constipation, anxiety, oedema, post-natal depression and fatigue.


I have studied pregnancy Shiatsu with Suzanne Yates from the Wellmother school in Bristol and have supported a number of women during pregnancy and beyond and found it to be very nourishing and beneficial.

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Lioba was really kind and gentle. She explained clearly what she was doing and how it would help me. I felt thoroughly relaxed during and after our sessions; she even helped with my morning sickness. I would highly recommend using Lioba to help you relax during your pregnancy.” Posy Smetham (school teacher)


Needing to feel more grounded on my unexpected journey into motherhood I visited Lioba for shiatsu every month. It was a lovely way to feel present in my evolving body, and to relax and give in to her touch. Her warm and loving presence instantly allows you to open up, honour and explore where you might be physically, mentally and emotionally during your pregnancy. Self-care is so important, especially during motherhood, and this is a beautiful way to respect that. I will always be thankful for having her join me on my journey.” Dani Mayes (graphic designer, Bristol)

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