Partner Yoga

IMG_3862Partner Yoga is a fun, creative and playful way to practise yoga in pairs.  There are no fixed moves but you will be guided on how to transform classic yoga postures into partner poses using the principles of yoga.

Through clear communication, listening to each other and being present you begin to connect, relax and let go more. This can help you deepen into postures and experience yoga in a completely new way.

Partner yoga re-awakens the understanding that yoga can also be seen as an art form. We are co-creating beautiful shapes with the help of a partner. IMG_3944

These partner yoga workshops I offer include elements of massage or bodywork. Thai yoga/Shiatsu techniques are interwoven into the partner yoga to deepen the experience of connecting with another person. You will end up feeling SO relaxed!

A safe space is held where we encourage you to communicate your needs openly with the person you’re working with. This is so both of you come out of it having a great experience! There is no need to bring a partner. All levels are welcome.

IMG_3921Our next workshop will be at Wild Wolf Yoga on the 14th of April, 12.30- 3 pm. (£25 pp or book through Move GB) Contact lioba@anahata-wellbeing to book.


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