Q: Do I need to bring equipment to yoga?

A: No, everything is provided

Q: What if I’ve never done yoga before?

A: The classes cater to all levels. Individual attention will be given.

Q: What do I wear for Shiatsu?

A: Loose, comfortable clothing.

Q: Will the Shiatsu treatment be painful?

A: When energy gets stuck it can cause tension in the body, which can manifest as pain. A shiatsu may at times be uncomfortable when those areas are accessed. Often clients describe the pain as ‘good’ pain as energy is released.

Q: What are some of the immediate effects of a Shiatsu?

A: There can be a sense of feeling ‘spaced out’, energized, relaxed. Emotions may surface. There will be space in the session to explore this.

Q: How many sessions  would you recommend?

A: Shiatsu can offer a lot as a stand alone treatment but can also be more deeply transformational if experienced as a course of sessions i.e up to 5 or more.

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